Chiropractic Rehabilitation

Today more than ever Frisco Spinal Rehabilitation provides chiropractic care for Patients suffering from acute pain, as well as chronic pain, stemming from car accidents and youth sports related injuries.

While the association of car accident injury and sports related injury may seem drastic, the two types of injuries share a very common theme, high impact trauma. This is very similar to whiplash and whiplash related symptoms such as muscle inflammation, tightness in joints and limited range in motion in the neck and extremities.

Today Parents and Schools in Frisco, TX are demanding more from their Young Athletes. The pressure to perform at an extreme levels is becoming the norm for our young athletes. While younger people tend to rebound from injuries quicker than adults, the lingering effects of high impact trauma can persist for years.

If your Athlete plays sports at any level where high velocity impact and repetitive motions are common and your child suffers from neck pain and stiffness, dizziness or difficulty focusing, chiropractic treatment and ongoing care can relieve these symptoms and promote better range of motion and recurring injury.

Call Frisco Spinal Rehabilitation today to learn how our Clinic works with Patients suffering from high impact and repetitive motion trauma. Our Team of Chiropractors and Massage Therapists are skilled in relieving pain associated with sports related injuries and can have your Athlete back to optimal performance while guarding against repetitive injury.

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