Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can be the result of a sprain to the ligaments around the ankle, a strain to the muscles that stabilize and cross the ankle joint, arthritis or fractures. A sprained ankle can be a difficult and painful injury and may take several weeks to be functional and relatively pain free and several months for the ligaments to fully heal. Because the pain normally subsides before the ligaments are fully healed, re-injury rates in athletics are high.

There are several specialized techniques chiropractors use to assist in the recovery process. One technique uses an assisted stretching protocol followed by an adjustment to a bone in the middle of the ankle called the talus. Many times in inversion ankle sprains, the talus will shift anterior or forward and a chiropractic thrust to reposition the talus has been shown in studies to shorten the recovery time significantly. Following a talus adjustment, the fibula head will be release as well with a chiropractic adjustment. The adjustments and assisted stretches followed by ice are an effective compliment to return function as soon as possible.

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