Arthritis is characterized by inflammation and degeneration of the cartilage in a joint. There are multiple types of arthritis the most common form being osteoarthritis. The most commonly involved joints are the weight-bearing joints of the body especially the spine, hips and knees. The condition is usually progressive and almost everyone if they live long enough will experience some level of osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is commonly experienced as stiffness and pain following inactivity. The stiffness is normally most pronounced first thing in the morning and gets better with movement. As the day moves along, the pain may become worse weight bearing activities and better with rest.

X-rays of the affected areas commonly show a decreases joint space and bone spurs or osteophytes on the outer margins of the joint. Lab tests may show high than average levels of C-reative protein. Range of motion tests will usually shown deficits.

The conservative treatment goals for arthritis are to relieve the pain, prevent or slow further progression and maintain or increase function. Chiropractic adjustments are well suited to accomplishing these goals by increasing lost range of motion and strengthening weak muscles. Maintaining and restoring motion is the key to helping your body deal with osteoarthritis. Topical medications such as Biofreeze can help manage the pain day to day. Electrical stimulation and ultrasound can help reduce the pain.

Nutritional protocols such as omega 3 fish oil and glucosamine sulfate may be beneficial for healing the injured area and reducing pain. Weight loss assists in the healing process by lower the weight bearing loads to the arthritic joints.

If you are suffering from arthritis, call our Frisco, TX chiropractic clinic today to go over your natural treatment options. There are many conservative measures that can be used depending on your particular condition.