Car Accident Facts

The following are some important facts pertaining to car accidents:

  • It is more common to not have initial symptoms but rather delayed onset symptoms following a car accident. Symptoms may not show up for days, weeks or even months.
  • The severity of the injuries is dependent upon the force of the impact, the position of your body of the moment of impact, awareness of the approaching accident and the proper use of restraints and head rests.
  • It takes a rear end collision of only 5 mph to sustain a neck injury.
  • It is wise to be evaluated following an accident even if you don't feel any pain.
  • Minimal or no property damage to your car does not mean you have not sustained an injury. Collisions in the 6-12 mph range cause the highest percentage of whiplash injuries. Many cars can absorb forces in this range without showing any damage.
  • Concussion and brain injuries can occur even if your head does not strike anything.
  • Female patients, the elderly and patients with a pre-existing condition such as arthritis sustain greater injuries with less force than the normal population.
  • Mild traumatic brain injury can lead to cognitive deficits such as memory loss, irritability, dizziness and even changes in personality. Most people recover in a few months however some people develop post-concussive syndrome and have ongoing problems for years.
  • Outcomes 5 years following MVA show about 50% of patients continued to have pain and loss of function.
  • Loss of function in the neck can lead to loss of function in the core muscles and eventually lower back pain.
  • Early active intervention gave whiplash patients more relief (within 4 days versus 14 days).

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Car Accident Care Information: