Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Are you suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome? Are you experiencing pain, numbness, tingling, weakness or a loss of strength in the hands? Do you wake up at night to shake your hands? If so you need to speak with a Frisco Spinal Rehab Chiropractor about the common symptoms and treatments available for you.

Prior to treatment, it is important to establish a definitive diagnosis. Most of the time this can be done without the use of an expensive and uncomfortable test called nerve conduction velocity tests. Most cases can be accurately diagnosed with a good history and orthopedic/neurological exam that the doctors at Frisco Spinal Rehab are well trained in.

Treatment options for carpal tunnel include gentle mobilization and manipulation techniques as well as nerve gliding and tendon gliding exercises. Following these exercises, cold laser therapy or ultrasound may be performed to help with inflammation and increase blood flow. A type of massage called ischemic compression may be beneficial to reduce pressure on the nerves. Home care may include the use of a wrist splint, ice and nutritional supplements to reduce the pain and inflammation and help the nerves heal.

Our Chiropractors are experts in the care of bones, nerves, muscles and soft tissues that make up more than half of your body and requires optimal functionality to sustain overall good health.

If you think you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, please call our Frisco Spinal Rehab Clinic today and schedule your complete examination and diagnosis. Our Chiropractors can restore your normal functions and reduce pain with treatment all without the use of prescription drugs.