Severe Lower Back & Leg Pain…

"I had lower back pain and severe left leg pain with limping. Pain kept waking me up frequently and kept me from enjoying life. It was difficult to be in a good mood. Now I have almost completely recovered from the pain, my limp has disappeared and I'm sleeping better. My mood and quality of life has greatly improved."

- D. Davis, Retired

Chronic Pain Management

Frisco Spine Rehab - Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain is not really productive or useful to the body and leads to unnecessary suffering. Not only that, research now shows that chronic pain leads to changes in both the structure and function of the brain. The brain may decrease in size by as much as 11% from years of chronic pain. Decision making and the ability to interacting with others is impaired. Other common symptoms of chronic pain include trouble sleeping, decreased alertness, increased anxiety, increased irritability and ultimately depression.

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If you have been living with chronic pain for months or years, you should visit Frisco Spinal Rehab to gain the upper hand. Our Chiropractors are experts in chronic pain management.The doctors at Frisco Spinal Rehab have extensive experience working with chronic pain. And the good news is the brain is highly adaptable and can recover if given the opportunity.

Centrally located in Frisco, TX our Chiropractic Care Clinic is staffed with expertly trained Chiropractors, Physical Therapist and Massage Therapists complete with the latest in chronic pain management equipment.

So if you have been living with chronic pain and are frustrated with the associated pain medications, you should call our Chiropractic Care Clinic today for a review of your medical history, complete examination and diagnosis. This is the first steps to finding relief from chronic pain. With a complete understanding of the chronic pain being felt and the patient condition, our Doctors of Chiropractic will be able to explain the different options of treatments available.

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