Handling Your Car Accident Case

People tend to make many mistakes when dealing with their car accident cases. Perhaps part of the problem is the pain from the accident interferes with effective decision making. Whatever the problem, here are some of the mistakes we commonly see:

  • Not obtaining information from the party that hit them
  • Not reporting the accident to your insurance
  • Believing that 3rd party insurance wants to help you
  • Thinking you don't need a lawyer in 3rd party cases
  • Thinking the pain will go away on its own
  • Assuming you aren't hurt since your car isn't damaged
  • Assuming you don't need treatment since the ER doctor didn't find any broken bones

Not handling your business upfront can create additional stress and aggravation in the future. An attorney can help you reclaim your damages in 3rd party cases. If you need a referral, our office can provide a few different attorneys to choose from. We can also refer you to orthopedic or neurological specialist if needed.

The treatment is normally covered in part or full by your own auto policy. If not, your own health insurance or the other person's insurance may be used at the conclusion of your treatment when you have reached maximum medical improvement.

If you have questions on handling your car accident case, call our office and ask to speak with the financial specialist. We are here to assist you however we can. Frisco Spinal Rehab has been providing quality care to accident victims for many years.

Car Accident Care Information: