Lower Back Pain

The second most common reason for seeing a doctor is low back pain. Low back pain is the most common complaint seen at Frisco Spinal Rehab. When evaluating low back pain, the first thing to determine is what exactly the cause is. Is the pain acute or chronic? What brought the pain on? How severe is it? Where is it? After the doctor takes a full history, an exam is performed to evaluate range of motion and look closely at the spine. The doctor will usually perform a procedure that involves applying pressure to each vertebra in the area and accessing which vertebrae reproduces the most pain.

The chiropractors at Frisco Spinal Rehab commonly treat muscle spasms, spinal disc problems, inflamed joints and irritated nerves. The doctors utilizes spinal decompression, rehab and chiropractic therapy to treat lower back pain caused by sciatica or herniated discs. These injuries can be related to a traumatic accident, sports injury or even bad posture. The good news is that spinal decompression therapy may help reverses the effects of these problems and can give immediate relief of pain and ongoing treatments may promote healing of the discs in question.

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