Lumbar Disc Herniation

Herniated discs can occur in both the back and the neck. If you are suffering from herniated discs and feel that your symptoms are worsening you may have a herniated disc. Herniated discs are where the pressure in the spine increases enough to stretch and weaken the fibers surrounding the spine. When the fibers stretch too much and weaken over time they can tear which is a herniation of the disc.

Frisco Spinal Rehab specializes in the treatment of herniated discs by using spinal decompression therapy. This therapy relieves the pressure of the spine and creates a reverse pressure or suction that draws the spinal fluid back into the center of the spine and rehydrates the discs. The release of pressure reduces pain and inflammation and restores function to the spine.

If you are experiencing symptoms relating to a herniated disc, you should visit our Frisco, TX office for a complete exam and diagnosis.

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