Mid Back Pain

The most common cause of mid back pain in patients treated at Frisco Spinal Rehab is muscular tension from poor posture, overuse or asymmetrical use. Poor posture many times is a result of extended hours working on a computer. Overuse and asymmetrical use is seen in sports like baseball and golf that involve rotating repeatedly in one direction.

The second most common cause of mid back pain in patients at Frisco Spinal Rehab is an inflamed or irritated nerve. Between the ribs there is a nerve called the intercostal nerve. This nerve runs from the spine in the back around to the front of the rib cage. Irritation to this nerve can result in a sharp pain anywhere along the course of the nerve and sometimes it can create a radiating pain that shoots along the entire course of the nerve. This condition is known as intercostal neuralgia. When the pain is on the left side of the chest, it is common to mistake the symptoms for a heart condition.

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