DOT Physical Exam for CDL License

Certified Medical Examiner to perform DOT Physical Exam for CDL License in the Frisco, TX area. We are certified thru the National Registry of Medical Examiners by the US Department of Transportation to provide you a new certification or re-certify your existing medical card.

Benefits of Scheduling a DOT Physical with Frisco Rehab in Frisco, TX:

  • Low cost exam with no hidden costs
  • Driver Friendly exams
  • Short notice appointments
  • Parking next the the clinic behind the Racetrack
  • Details on how to best prepare and what to expect
  • Treated with respect by a friendly staff
  • Minimal wasted time - Get in/out quickly
  • Get a laminated DOT certificate to keep with you at all times

Most importantly, assurance the exam is done right the first time and the medical card is valid which ensures your CDL remains active.

Draw backs of the big commercial clinics:

  • Long lines and long waits
  • Higher fees and hidden costs
  • Inappropriately applied guidelines
    1. Example - sleep apnea screening

Frisco Rehab DOT Physical Exam Pricing:

  • DOT Physical Exam are available for $80.00
  • DOT Drug testing services are available for $50.00
  • Breath Alcohol testing services are available for $50.00

Group rates are available for DOT Physicals as well as Drug and Breath Alcohol Testing

What to expect during your DOT Physical

Once you have arrived at the clinic, you will be asked to provide a valid ID and provided paperwork to complete. Concealing or failing to mention a condition on the history form will invalidate the exam.

Once you have completed your paperwork, a review of your health history will be conducted. Then a thorough physical will be performed. You do not have to get naked during the exam.

At the end of your exam, a urine screen (dip-stick test) will be necessary to check for blood, protein and sugar in the urine as well as measure the specific gravity. The DOT exam does not include a drug test. You will immediately be informed of your results at the conclusion of the exam.

If everything is the exam meets the FMCSA standards, you will be given a 2 years certificate. Some conditions will require periodic monitoring and a 6 month or 1 year medical card will be issued. Occasionally a 3 months certificate is issued if you are working with your medical doctor to control a new condition.

Please do your best to help your medical examiner by coming prepared with everything you need. The process can normally be completed the same day in 30 minutes if you have everything prepared. Feel free to call ahead in advance if you have any questions on what you might need to bring. Our office will provide the physical form (Medical Examination Report MCSA-5875) as well as the DOT card.

How to prepare for your DOT medical exam:

  • Get a good nights rest and don’t rush to your appointment
  • Bring a valid photo ID
  • Continue taking all prescribed medications as usual
  • Bring a detailed list of any medications you are taking as well as the name and contact information of the prescribing doctor
  • Limit caffeine and nicotine (smoking) before your exam as these can elevate your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Bring your hearing aids, glasses or contacts
  • Bring documentation from your primary care doctor for any conditions that may impact your exam such as diabetes, hypertension, surgery and sleep apnea.
  • Bring any medical testing results with you that may impact the decision
  • Wear loose clothing to assist with the exam
  • Don’t use the restroom immediately before your appointment as a small urine sample will be necessary for a kidney screen

Medical information needed for the following conditions/medications:

  • Blood thinners - Please bring your most recent PT/INR results and a letter from your treating doctor stating you are cleared to drive a commercial vehicle.
  • Sleep apnea - Please bring a letter stating you are cleared to drive a commercial vehicle from your sleep specialist and/or show compliance that you are utilizing your CPAP machine at least 4 hours/night, 70% of the time.
  • Diabetes - Please bring your hemoglobin A1C results demonstrating that your condition is being properly managed.
  • Heart - If you’ve had a heart stent, valve replacement or a heart attack, please bring your medical records and a clearance letter from your cardiologist stating you are cleared to operate a DOT registered vehicle.
  • Brain - If you’ve had a stroke, cerebral bleeding or a brain tumor, please bring your medical records as well as a letter from your treating doctor stating you are cleared to operate a DOT registered vehicle.
  • If you have glasses, contacts or hearing aids, please bring them with you for your exam.
  • If you have been issued a Federal waiver, SPE certificate or an Exemption Certificate, please bring it with you for your exam