Pulled Muscles

Pulled muscles can be the result of improper stretching and warm-up prior to athletic competition or from repetitive stress. The primary concern with pulled muscles is the formation of scar tissue that can lead to repeated or worsening injuries. There are multiple treatment approaches that can be employed to limit these complications such as massage, stretching, cold laser and ultrasound. Active Release Technique and Graston can also be utilized to promote proper healing.

If you suffer from repetative pulled muscles in your back you may be increasing the pressure surrounding the spinal discs and creating further damage to the disc structure. Frisco Spinal Rehab can help not only with the pulled muscle by utilizing our therapeutic massage therapy services but can also relieve the pressure surrounding the spine with spinal decompression therapy.

Our Doctors of Chiropractic our experts in decompression therapy and our Massage Therapists are certified and trained to specifically release pulled muscles.

Contact our Frisco, TX Chiropractic Clinic today for a complete evaluation and diagnosis as well as a full explanation of treatments available.

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