Sacroiliac Dysfunction Diagnosis

When you visit Frisco Spinal Rehab for a complete exam and diagnosis your Chiropractor will review your complete medical history along with a complete physical to determine what other disorders might exist which could be impacting your health. This thorough examination of your history and current health status will enable the Chiropractors at Frisco Spinal Rehab to ensure that the pain experienced is coming from the SI joints. Your doctor will check for differences in leg lengths which may indicate an unbalance pelvis. Other orthopedic test will be performed to narrow down the diagnosis.

If necessary Frisco Spinal Rehab can take x-rays of your spine and pelvis to verify what the Doctor of Chiropractic found during the physical examination. You can be sure that our professionals will exhaust all methods possible to give you the most complete diagnosis of you condition as well as the most appropriate treatments available.

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