Shoulder Pain

Pain in the shoulder can have multiple causes depending on the tissue involved. The shoulder pain may be coming from muscles, tendons, cartilage, nerves or a fluid filled bag called a bursa sac. A series of orthopedic tests can be done in an examination that will help to determine which of these structures are involved. Treatment is totally dependent on the diagnosis so establishing the proper diagnosis is key. If the examination does not produce a conclusive diagnosis, MRI imaging may be ordered.

The most common diagnosis of shoulder complaints at Frisco Spinal Rehab involve irritated nerves, inflamed muscles, rotator cuff tears, sub-deltoid bursitis, bicipital tendonitis, acromial clavicular sprains and labrum tears. Each complaint has its own specific treatment protocol that may include theraband exercises and stretching, cold laser therapy, gentle chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy. Some cases require referral to an orthopedic surgeon or specialist.

The chiropractors at Frisco Spinal Rehab are familiar with all types of shoulder injuries. Whether the injury is sports or accident related or the result of chronic repetitive stress, Frisco Spinal Rehab has the expertise to help you recover from your pain. Call our chiropractic clinic today for a full evaluation of your shoulder pain.