Slipped Disc

Although a disc in the spine cannot actually "slip" the reason the term "slipped disc" is used is because the bulging or herniation often looks as if the disc is slipping from between the upper and lower spinal bones. The disc is actually the shock absorber of the spine and when spinal pressure increases the jelly like fluid can be pushed outside of its normal position.

Frisco Spinal Rehab can treat a "slipped disc" condition with spinal decompression therapy by relieving the built up pressure and allowing the disc to return to its normal place. This release of pressure on the spine also allows for the spinal fluid to flow back into the impacted areas delivering much needed nutrients and oxygen often relieving pain and promoting healing.

If you feel you may have a "slipped disc" condition you should call our Frisco, TX Clinic and setup an appointment for a complete exam and diagnosis. Our Chiropractors will review all available treatment options during your consultation.

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