Soft Tissue Release

Soft tissue release therapy is a hands-on manual therapy technique used to assess and treat the tissue of the body. The soft tissues of the body (muscle, tendon, fascia and ligaments) are prone to acute and chronic injury, which leads to swelling, adhesions and fibrosis (scarring) of the tissue. This type of injury often results in pain, loss of mobility, strength, and function. Soft tissue release targets specific areas of tension within an individual muscle with the aim of removing scar tissue and adhesion to relieve muscular tension and pain.

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Soft tissue release performed by Frisco Spinal Rehabilitation involves performing a precise stretch on a certain muscle through multiple planes of movement. We identify the area of tension through palpation and this area becomes the target for stretching.

At Frisco Spinal Rehabilitation, our Chiropractors perform a comprehensive evaluation and review of your medical history to determine the source of your pain and limitations. While treatment may use manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue release therapy, we provide a holistic treatment approach including flexibility, strengthening, balance and aerobic training to help clients return to wellbeing.