Spinal Maintenance Care

Taking a closer look at people that work on computer for a living can reveal why the spine needs to be maintained. Prolonged sitting and static postures puts additional stress on the lumbar discs increasing the likelihood of a nerve irritation and pain. Reaching forward with the arms to type on a keyboard can pull the shoulders forward and increases stress on the muscles in the neck and mid back as well as compromising overall posture. This can lead to headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain and mid back pain. The repetitive stress on the hands and arms from keyboarding and mousing can lead to elbow pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The spinal joints depend on motion to keep them healthy. In fact a closer look reveals that the cells inside the disc that produce cartilage called chondrocytes lack an adequate blood supply and depend of passive motion and diffusion to get their nutrients. Lack of motion increases local acidity and makes a hostile environment for these cells which can lead to less cartridge production and ultimately degeneration in the joint. The spinal joints are motion dependent to maintain health and to promote the exchange of fluid with the joints.

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