Spinal Stenosis Treatment

Frisco Spinal Rehab provides treatment for non-surgical spinal stenosis patients. Spinal stenosis is the actual choking off of the nerves which exit the spine and is either acquired or inherited. Inherited means that the patient was born with a small spinal canal, while acquired refers to the spinal canal reducing in size over time. Acquired can be caused from herniated discs, thickened ligaments and degenerative bony growths such as bone spurs.

If you have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis or if you are looking to have an examination and complete diagnosis performed, contact our Frisco, TX Clinic today to schedule your appointment.

While our Chiropractors offer alternative chiropractic treatments and rehab, we also offer acupuncture therapy which has shown to be successful in stimulating the soft tissue areas surrounding the spine.

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