Strained Muscles

A strained muscle also called a pulled muscle happens when there is an over-stretch or tear in the actual muscle fiber. A lower back (lumbar) sprain or neck (cervical) sprain can happen when ligaments or tendons are over-stretched or torn. Tendons connect the muscles to the bones and ligaments connect one bone to another over a joint. Both are very strong, fibrous tissues that are slow healing. Once a tear or pull happens, the area around the muscle becomes inflamed which in the back can cause a spasm. Lower back muscle strain or neck muscle strain are most frequently a result of lifting heavy objects, falls or repetitive stress. The pain will be localized and will not radiate (shoot) down the legs or arms. This issue is usually resolved with rest.

If you have experience muscle spasms that occur without injury, reoccurs or is shooting down your leg or arms this may be due to a spinal nerve issue. When a nerve is "pinched" it can cause symptoms like a muscle strain but can occur without incident.

Doctors at Frisco Spinal Rehab have years of experience and the latest technology to diagnosis and treat most neuromuscular issues of your body. If the repetitive muscle strains are due to the disc, spinal decompression therapy can help not only the symptoms you are currently having but may help promote healing so it will not reoccur.

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