L4 / L5 Disc Herniation

Dr. Kaff is not only a phenomenal chiropractor, but he is a phenomenal person as well. After four years of failed back treatments through physical therapy, epidurals, muscle relaxers, etc, decompression (traction) combined with adjustments by Dr. Kaff has done wonders! Thanks Dr. Kaff!
- C. Word · Celina, TX


My whole life had come to a halt from my normal routine. Walking was almost impossible and therefore every aspect of life was impacted. Initially, Dr. Kaff arranged for an MRI and pain medication for temporary relief. The MRI showed three bulging discs. After treatments, my life has returned to normal. Dr. Kaff's use of the stretching table allowed my discs to shrink back and took the pressure off the nerve.
- D. Damewood · Plano ISD School Administrator, Plano, TX

Severe Low Back / Leg Pain

I had lower back pain and severe left leg pain with limping. Pain kept waking me up frequently and kept me from enjoying life. It was difficult to be in a good mood. Now I have a 90% relief from the pain, my limp has disappeared and I'm sleeping better. My mood and quality of life has greatly improved.
- D. Davis · Retired, Garland, TX

Bulging Disc

I had lower back pain around the hip area. It hurt to walk, sit, or stand. Every time that I rolled on my side, I would wake up. The progress seemed to take a very short amount of time. Every time that I went back in, it felt better.
- S. Rackers · DR Horton Builder, McKinney, TX

Failed Neck Surgery

I had surgery on a herniated disc. It was too painful to do anything comfortably. I can't say enough about how much the treatment has helped. Dr. Kaff did a great job, couldn't have asked for better.
- K. LaPlante · JC Penney, Frisco,TX

Multiple Disc Herniations

My overall quality of life was virtually none… bedridden. My mood was cross-as-two sticks!! I had herniations from L1 to L5 after being injured 30 years ago playing intramural football and aggravated my condition periodically doing physical labor and weight training. Now I can sit, drive for distances, fly in an airplane, walk my dog, dance, perform aerobics and weight train. My progress is 90%+.
- D. MacGregor · Software Development, Frisco, TX

Failed Low Back Surgery

I had surgery in my lower back however the pain returned and was worse than ever. I am a Registered Nurse and actually stopped working. The pain kept me from wanting to do any activities. I am almost 100% pain-free. Dr. Kaff also helped improve my heel pain with custom-fit orthotics. The service was excellent and all of the staff was very friendly and professional.
- D. Canaster · Registered Nurse at Centennial in Frisco

Severe Pain from Car Accident

I had back, neck and shoulder pain from a rear-end collision. I am now pain-free and able to take part in all my physical activities like exercise and walking. I no longer have the stress/pain/tension in my neck and shoulders. I have more energy and feel fantastic. Thank you very much Dr Kaff for helping me achieve a life where my neck and back do not prevent me from feeling my very best!
- T. Quan · Plano ISD Teacher, Plano, TX

Numbness and Pain

I no longer have constant pain everyday. My sleep has improved. Numbness in arms has been drastically reduced.
- D. Caron · Interphase, Lewisville, TX

Giving Up Hope

I did not think anything short of divine healing from God would release me from the excruciating, intense daily pain, the result of herniated disc in 1999 that affected my mood, my quality of life, my ability to do a good job for my employer, and caused the countenance of my face to read- "blah." My attitude is once again very good.
- D. Fraley · Celina, TX

Not Able to Function

I consulted the office for numbness and pain shooting down my left leg. I had a 12 mm disc herniation. I was not capable of doing anything. I was not able to take care of my kids and I was stressed and sad because of the pain. I could not walk or stand. Dr. Kaff recommended a steroid injection to ease my pain and then proceeded with his treatment. Once the steroid took away the inflammation, I started to heal. My headaches also improved while under care.
- A. Wende · Homemaker, McKinney, TX

Surgery Recommended

I had a bulging disk and a pinched nerve. My back began to bother me when I would bend and lift. The pain went on and I had to go see the doctor. My ability to participate and enjoy an active lifestyle was affected. My sleep was affected, as well as my mood and relationships with others. They had recommended surgery but I didn't want the surgery so I came to this office. After a week of treatment, I noticed tremendous progress. I think the service is excellent.
- E.L. Alexander · Retired, Dallas, TX

Neck and Shoulder Pain

In high school, I was told I had a pinched nerve in my left shoulder and through the years, I have had trouble with my neck and spine. I was told a couple of years ago that I had four protruding disks after an MRI of my neck. My hope of getting treatment was dim until I saw an ad and thought I had to give it a try.

Before my neck and shoulders were always stiff and sore, and when I woke up I felt tired. In those times, my range of motion was almost gone. I was always hurting that I thought it was normal; however, it affected me more than I knew.

After a few treatments, I felt a big difference. The treatment gave me my life back. I have seen other chiropractors over the years, but none has helped me as much as Dr. Wayne. He is awesome and so is the rest of the office staff! They are the greatest!
- D. Telford · Alliance Data, Frisco, TX

Two Previous Back Surgeries

Ten years ago, I had two back surgeries due to herniated discs in my lower back. Recently, I began experiencing severe pain in my right hip and leg. I was unable to sleep, exercise, drive or sit comfortable before being treated at Dr. Kaff's office. I got relief after the 4th treatment. The pain has subsided tremendously! I feel better overall! The service is great! I have already referred other people to this office.
- S. Fetter · JC Penney Co., Plano, TX

Migraine Headaches

I suffered with migraine headaches since I was twelve years old. I experienced the headaches about every day.

My headaches got so bad that I considered going to the emergency room-thinking there must be something significantly wrong inside my head. I had been on so many different painkillers over the years from different doctors and for the last two years from a neurologist. I started believing that my headaches were my "thorn in the flesh" and I stuck with them forever.

The difference is incredible. I sleep better and my days are better. My headaches have improved by 95%.
- C. Craig · Richardson, TX

Low Back Pain

I consulted with Frisco Spinal Rehabilitation on a referral from a friend because I was having low back pain. Mostly the pain occurred at night and when I got up from a sitting position. It awakened me every time I turned over, so that I was not getting a good night's sleep.

I have had low back pain on and off for years, but it was steadily increasing in the last two years. I have used chiropractors previously in Corpus Christi and tried another chiropractor when I first moved to Dallas; however the results were not good.

The combination of adjustments, traction, electrical stimuli, muscle massage and exercises has alleviated my lower back pain. I have never had a chiropractor that combined all these aspects into patient care. Everyone at the office is pleasant, helpful, and caring. I really feel that the thirty-mile drive is worth it!

With the pain no longer being a problem, my sleep is uninterrupted and my freedom to move has improved greatly. I continue to do the daily back exercises as part of my routine and I think that it is very beneficial.

During my treatment, I had a stress-related problem with the muscle in my upper back. That too was treated and the pain has subsided.

I have already referred a number of acquaintances to Dr. Kaff. I really feel that this office provides the best chiropractic care that I have ever received!
- B. Cann · Professor, Anna, TX