Tailbone Pain

Tailbone pain is also known as coccydynia. Many people with sacroiliac pain mistakenly believe they have tailbone pain. Actually tailbone pain is tenderness around the end of the spine between the buttocks. Tailbone pain may make it hard to sit comfortably. Most of the time, the pain is brought on by some sort of fall or trauma directly to the tailbone.

Frisco Spinal Rehab offers conservative treatment options for tailbone pain. Treatment may involve gentle chiropractic adjustments to help reposition the tailbone where it attaches to the sacrum as well as massage and stretching exercises. A special pad in the shape of a donut may be recommended to help relieve pain while sitting. If conservative measures are not effective or the pain is unrelenting and severe, the doctors at Frisco Spinal Rehab may refer you to a pain management specialist for cortisone injections.

Occasionally pain in the area of the tailbone may be coming from the sciatic nerve or sciatica. Frisco Spinal Rehab has chiropractors that are well trained in treating both conditions.

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