Trigger Point Therapy Massage

Trigger point therapy is designed to reduce pressure and restore circulation in the area where a muscle and nerve connect called the myoneural junction. Irritations in this area can produce significant pain as lead to headaches and other referral pains. Active trigger point produce pain is an area separate from where the pressure is being applied while normal trigger point hurt where the pressure is applied. Active trigger points indicate that the problem is more severe and may take longer to resolve. Close examination of the tissue in trigger points reveals altered biochemistry.

At Frisco Spinal Rehab our Chiropractors and Massage Therapists work together to provide a complete treatment program which can include adjustment, exercises, stretching and massage all in one package. The massage aspect is used to help relax and lengthen tight, or strained, muscles.

If you are suffering from strained muscles you should contact our Frisco, TX Clinic for immediate treatment. Our Massage Therapists can get you on a path to pain relief today!