Youth Sports Chiropractic

Today more than ever young athletes, especially those in High School and select sports programs, are pushed to perform at levels often associated with young adults in College or beyond. As a result these athletes are experiencing sprains and strains, concussions and contusions, subluxations and dislocations soft tissue trauma and more...

Frisco Spinal Rehab has seen a rise in these types youth sports injuries and has focused on providing chiropractic care to these young athletes to not only provide pain relief but to identify the underlying range of motion, muscle deficiency and flexibility that could have contributed to the injury. Our focused alternative chiropractic care for pain and injury management is second to none in the Frisco, TX area.

Our primary goal is to address weaknesses and any spinal misalignment issues in your young athlete to not only rehabilitate the current sports injury but to prevent injuries in the future from repetitive motion and high impact collusions.

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